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Climate Change & Biodiversity

The Council agreed on 25th November 2019 several decisions to make the Council carbon neutral by 2030. To become carbon neutral the Council need to accurately measure it's existing carbon footprint to develop a reduction plan over the next 10 years. In January 2020 a draft Climate Action Plan was produced by the Council's "Climate Change & Biodiversity steering group".

Published: 27 September 2022

Purpose of the Steering Group

· To progress the resolution of the Town Council to become carbon neutral by 2030.​

· To promote sustainable biodiversity and nature on land held or managed by the Council. ​

· To advise and make recommendations to the Town Council on the action plan to implement the changes required to become Carbon neutral and promote sustainable biodiversity.​

· To review cost implications for delivering the action plan.​

· To recommend and explore funding options for the climate change plan.​

· To work with all stakeholders and set up public consultation to ensure the community is invested and involved.​

· Work with Action on Climate Emergency (ACE) Settle & Area and community volunteers to become involved in the climate change and biodiversity plan.​

· Recommend community engagement events and projects.

Carbon Footprint

How can you help?

Reducing your carbon footprint

Climate Change & Biodiversity Policy

Settle Town Council’s Climate change and Biodiversity Policy

Settle Town Council – Policy

ACE Transport Survey

ACE Settle are conducting a transport and energy survey for local residents to record their views and concerns. Click to complete the survey online here –

Settle Carbon Roadmap

A Carbon roadmap summary for Settle was recently produced by Leeds University. The document highlights Settle’s baseline emissions, targets and more carbon effective options. Access the document here –

Settle Carbon Roadmap Summary

Climate Emergency

At a meeting of the Full Town Council on Monday 23rd August 2021 a Climate Emergency was declared.

Council Projects

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